Developer Resources


Easy-to-use JavaScript library for developers

Use browser-side JavaScript for building web applications that combine local and remote interactive microservices. Qworum's JavaScript library for web frontends is available on the Skypack CDN. Here is how Qworum works:

// Adds an article to a shopping cart on an e-commerce website.
// (The end-user is on an article details page.)

import { Qworum } from "";

// Sample article details.
article = {
  "id"   : "8b1d5802",
  "title": "Classic ankle boots",
  "price": {"EUR": 29.99}

// Create a Qworum script.
addToCartScript = Qworum.Script(
    // Add the article to the shopping cart ...
    // (Redirects the end-user to the remote shopping cart service.)
      ['@', 'shopping cart'], 'https://shopping-cart.example/add-article/',
        name : 'article',
        value: Qworum.Json({article})

    // ... then go back to the article details page on the e-commerce site.

addToCartButton = document.getElementById('add-to-cart-button');

// Execute the Qworum script when the user clicks on the add-to-cart button.
addToCartButton.addEventListener('click', async () => {
  // Add the article to the visitor's shopping cart.
  await Qworum.eval(addToCartScript);

Local development

The Qworum browser extension is enabled for local development by default. The web origins that are enabled for local development are: