Qworum Terms of Service


The Company

Doğa Armangil
Address: Avenue de Vaudagne 31, CH-1217 Meyrin, Geneva, Switzerland
Email: info@qworum.net
Website: https://qworum.net

The Company's responsability


The Company will activate Subscriptions on Customer request in a non-discriminatory manner.


The Company will deactivate Subscriptions on Customer request.

Limitation of liability

Subject to mandatory legal provisions, the Company assumes no responsibility for direct or indirect damage caused by the use of the Platform or in connection with the Platform.

Privacy policy

See Privacy policy.

The customer's responsability

Subdomains of the subscribed domain

The purchased subscription is for the subscriber's own use only. The customer agrees not to issue to third parties subdomains of the subscribed domain.

The subscriber must not sell or rent out subdomains of the subscribed domain, nor host applications belonging to third parties on the subscribed domains and subdomains. In particular, the subscribed domain must not figure in private or public section of the official Public Suffix List.

Subscription renewal

If the Customer wishes to renew a Subscription, the Customer must pay the invoice received from the Company 14 days after the Subscription renewal date at the latest.

The Company reserves the right to terminate any Subscription that has not yet been renewed through payment 14 days after the subscription renewal date at the latest.