A module system for distributed or single-site web applications

Web-spanning applications that provide a familiar user experience

Qworum adds advanced capabilities to web browsers while ensuring that the end-user experience remains familiar compared to the traditional web. Consider the video below that shows an e-commerce site calling a remote shopping cart service. Note that the cart service is interactive just like a regular website. Note also how the shopping cart's domain name is different from that of the e-commerce site, yet to the visitor the shopping cart feels like an integral part of the e-commerce application.

Qworum is the Service Web

There are currently two different Webs that exist on the World Wide Web:

Qworum adds another type of Web to the mix: the Service Web. Qworum is used for providing software rather than content. Qworum services are:

The three Webs
1: The three Webs

Note that although Qworum is distinct from the two previous Webs, it builds on them:

User flow
2: The user flow when a Qworum application or service calls another Qworum service

A secure computing environment

The Qworum platform conforms to the same-origin policy that is the prevalent security mechanism for browser standards. In particular all phases of a given Qworum object are contained in the object's web origin. This ensures that data belonging to one web origin is unable to accidentally leak to another origin.